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Elite Challenge is a program designed both for civilians and professionals who wish to try out what it feels like to get through Special Forces selection just like if you wanted to get into the ranks of the US Army special forces. The program mirrors the first five days of the Green Berets SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection )

"Who fights can lose, who doesnt fight has already lost." Bertold Brecht

Elite Challenge is a five-day mental, physical, and psyichological endurance test specifically designed to select the best and most capable individuals from the participants to be part of a special elite community. Members of the community will be privilidged to take part in common training events and adventures which is exclusively designed and conducted for them in the future. Elite Challenge is led by Ret. Lieutenant Colonel Arnold Koltai, a former Special Forces officer and other Ranger qualified instructors with years of experience in training special operations individuals.

Never give up, never give in!

During the 5 days of Elite Challenge, you can experience what it takes to make the cut of the first week of the brutal Green Beret selection process. As a candidate, you can see if you would be able to advance to later phases of the selection process of the famous three-week US Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) or if you could stand the harsh first week of Ranger School, called the Ranger Assessment Phase (RAP) week.

Elite Challenge Brotherhood - one for all and all for one!

The program starts with an in-processing and an entry physical test, where the medical team and cadre determines the medical and physical condition of the participants, followed by land navigation classes and practical exercises and various physical and mental challenges. The course is designed to push candidates to their mental and physical limits in circumstances way out of their comfort zones.

„A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon.” Napóleon

Elite Challenge daily routine contains, but not limited to the following:

Land Navigation Course
1 km Obstacle Course
Individual problem solving events
Water Stress Course
Team events
A 50-km Long Range Endurance March
Maximum 2 hours of rest time a day (sleep deprivation)
Maximum 3000 Calories energy intake a day (food deprivation and energy stress)

Continuous physical and mental stressing:

In general, the same as in the Ranger school and Rohamlövész course:
3200m run in 15:42
Minimum 54 push ups in 2 minutes (only the properly conducted repetitions count)
Minimum 68 sit ups in 2 minutes (only the properly conducted repetitions count)
200 meter swim in 5 minutes (wearing BDUs)
Minimum 6 pull ups
5 km formation run wearing BDUs, boots and an AK-47 completed within 32 minutes at the cadres pace

„ Let men see, let them know, a real man, who lives as he was meant to live." Marcus Aurelius

These exercises are conducted with minimum time in between them. Candidates will have a second try should they fail the test on the same day. Failure to meet the standards for the second time is rsulted in an automatic drop from the course. The challenge is given, make success yours!

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