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Elite Challenge
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Elite Challenge is a program designed both for civilians and professionals who wish to try out what it feels like to get through Special Forces selection just like if you wanted to get into the ranks of the US Army special forces. The program mirrors the first five days of the Green Berets SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection ). The program is open to all men and women who are over 18 years old and are in a good health condition.


Elite Challenge is a five-day mental, physical, and psyichological endurance test specifically designed to select the best and most capable individuals from the participants to be part of a special elite community. Members of the community will be privilidged to take part in common training events and adventures which is exclusively designed and conducted for them in the future. Elite Challenge is led by Ret. Lieutenant Colonel Arnold Koltai, a former Special Forces officer and other Ranger qualified instructors with years of experience in training special operations individuals.

Brotherhood is the very price and condition of mans survival.
We want You! The guy with courage, honor, loyalty, endurance and strength for success!
During the 5 days of Elite Challenge, you can experience what it takes to make the cut of the first week of the brutal Green Beret selection process. As a candidate, you can see if you would be able to advance to later phases of the selection process of the famous three-week US Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) or if you could stand the harsh first week of Ranger School, called the Ranger Assessment Phase (RAP) week.

Sign up for Europes hardest training program and earn the right to be an official member of Elite 100! Benefit from our special programs afterwards and be an even more special individual! Be a part of the Members of the community and be privilidged to take part in common training events and adventures which are exclusively designed and conducted for our members in the future.
If you want to see what you are capable of…
If you want to expereince what is required from the special forces candidates to be successful…
If you want to know whether you could make the cut…
If you want to belong to a group of a few elite…
Or just want to simply press your limits to the end…
Then this program is for you!

Make a diffrence! Make a cut!

Arnold Koltai
Leading Instruktor

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